Our products

Yzorane applies its well-being philosophy to its unique body treatment range spanning from targeted sessions to holistic therapy. Body wraps, exfoliation and intense hydration: our body treatments act like a restorative and healing balm. Delightful scents and sensory surrender… Sooth your skin and soul.

That’s why ,we like to keep our list of ingredients as short as possible so that our clients can enjoy the full benefits of our products. We offer them in a pure, undiluted condition, without any additional preservatives or additives.


Yzorane guarantees products of the highest quality. We purchase our products directly from the production source and buy in small quantities so that our products are always fresh when we deliver them to the customers.


Our products are precious and we strive to maintain their benefits. We bottle them in Quebec and store them in a special glass. Dark Glass has exceptional properties and is designed to protect against environmental hazards. Our oil bottles contains a self-loading dropper which offers a scientific solution for precise metering - that appeals to users and brings them closer to our brand. The use of the dropper enriches the experience offered by the beauty product, and makes each drop appreciate the precious oil.


 Our products are not tested on animals. They are 100% Vegan and our organic ingredients are certified by ECOCERT.